Have you ever wondered how your favorite Bollywood actress would look like in old age? Ai has recently visualized Bollywood actresses in their old age.

Katrina is a beautiful actress AI has made a photo of Katrina Kaif look much older than her age

Ai digital artist has created an AI-generated picture of Deepika, in which she looks much older than her age

Shraddha is a beautiful actress, there is an AI-generated photo of Shraddha, in which she is looking very old, which has just gone viral.

A computer generated picture of Aaliya has started circulating online which has made her look older

Anushka Sharma is a beautiful Bollywood actress. A picture of Anushka Sharma has been created by AI, in which she is shown much older than her age.

Kriti has been featured online in an AI-generated photo that looks much older than her age

Aishwarya Rai portrayed online in AI-generated photo that makes her look much older than her age